15 Useful iPhone Tips and Tricks

Despite the fact that you utilize your iPhone each and every day, you may not realize how amazing and feature-packed it really is. In fact, your iPhone has a couple of tips and tricks at its disposal that you probably don’t think about. With the new iPhone releases and the latest iOS 13 software, we wanted to share some tips so you can take full advantage of your smartphone. Here in this article, we will discuss useful iPhone tips that every Apple user should know about. They’re amazingly advantageous and fun, and they’ll ideally help save you a brief period, too.

Many of us utilize our telephones without realizing all the great features that they accompany. Some are easy to find whilst others expect you to watch a guidance video or two. In the accompanying rundown, we’ve gathered 19 great iPhone tips and tricks that you may find useful, we certainly have. Clearly, this rundown is far from exhaustive and in no particular request. These tips deal with more established iPhone models, too, as long as your gadget is running Apple’s latest iOS 12 software or last year’s iOS 11 update.

Apple wants to talk about how easy its items are to utilize, and the iPhone epitomizes that way of thinking more, perhaps, than any other. This article is about taking the subsequent stages with your iPhone and finding all the things it can do that you didn’t think about. From advanced security to battery management and custom notifications, these are some of the best tips for iPhone users.

Three-Finger Zoom

useful iphone tips

First up on our rundown of iPhone tips and tricks will prove to be useful. Covered profound within your iPhone’s Settings is a clever little feature to assist you with zooming in on your screen.To activate these features go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.

Calculator Trick

Next on our rundown of iPhone tips and tricks will save you a ton of time utilizing the calculator. We are all inclined to making basic mistakes when utilizing calculators, especially on our telephones. Did you realize that you don’t actually need to hit C at whatever point you mistype a number? Instead of resetting the whole aggregate you can basically erase the last number entered.

Call Right Back Trick

useful iphone tips

Next up on our rundown of iPhone tips and tricks will assist you with repeating that last call. On the off chance that you have to redial the last number you rang, there is actually a worked in shortcut to do so. Simply press the green call button instead of “Recents”.

iPhone Spirit Level

This is certainly an example of iPhone tips and tricks we didn’t know about. Did you realize your iPhone has a handy in-fabricated spirit level? Presently you can utilize your iPhone to assist you with leveling that rack your partner has been bothering you to set up for years. Instead of downloading one more app just utilize iOS’s worked in work. Simply open the Compas App and measure the levels.

Snap a Photo Whilst Shooting a Video

useful iphone tips

Truly, you read that effectively. iPhones let you record video and take a photo at the same time. When you are recording a video on your iPhone, you see a button next to the recording icon. Basically tap this to take a brisk snap without intruding on your video recording.

Figure out Who’s Calling Just By Listening

You may have already figured this one out yet this example of iPhone tips and tricks is truly handy. In the event that your phone is inside your bag and you want to find out who is calling without checking the phone, then this trick can be a handy one. Simply open contacts and select a person. From here select Ringtone and tap on the word default.

Keep Some Photos Private -Useful iPhone Tips

useful iphone tips

Be that as it may, what about those occasions you want to show off your holiday snaps, however, don’t your loved ones to see certain images? This great example of iPhone tips and tricks will save you some embarrassment. Select the photos you want to stow away, tap Share (the small square with an up arrow) and then select Hide.

Do Not Disturb Feature for Driving

iOS does, in reality, have an app for that too and its accommodatingly called Do Not Disturb While Driving. This, as the name recommends, is especially useful to keep you from being distracted should you get a message or a call. This app stifles notifications, writings, and so forth from intruding on you whilst you’re in the driver’s seat. To activate it just go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

Sleep With Some Tunes

A very helpful and amazing trick for individuals who like to fall to sleep utilizing music. To do this go to the Clock app and press Timer. Presently tap the “When Timer Ends” button and picks “Stop Playing”. You can now set the clock for the ideal period of time and then start playing your tunes.

Teach Siri How To Say Things

Siri is an extremely useful little app yet she is far from infallible. This is especially evident with regard to articulating things, especially names. This can grate at times. You can help Siri out by teaching her how to articulate those less basic names. To do this essentially activate Siri and then ask her “Can I teach you how to articulate XXXX’s name”. She will then guide you through the procedure.

Find The Best Signal

On the off chance that you ever find yourself in a place with not exactly great signal quality, you can have your telephone assist you with an outing with this example of iPhone tips and tricks. Trigger your telephone’s inbuilt “field test mode” to assist you with finding the best place to make a call or send a book. To do this go to the telephone dialer and type in *3001#12345#* and press the call button.

Custom Missed Calls Replies

Setting up customs reply for a missed call is always a great option. This is one of the most useful iPhone tips and tricks on the rundown and one you probably won’t know exists. Setting it up is actually easy. Basically, go to Settings > Phone > Respond with content and then create your own one of a kind reaction.

Inbuilt Magnifier

This one will prove to be useful for reading all those terms and conditions you have to read day in, day out. Instead of turning on your telephone’s camera, that keeps losing center, you can instead activate the iOS capacity to enable you to out. Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and turn it on.

Shortcut for Web Browser Suffixes

This is a standard feature on your iPhone and you won’t have to activate anything on some shrouded alternatives somewhere. On your web browser just press and hold the ” . ” button and this will pull up the shortcuts list for your benefit. This will currently display “.com”, “.net”, “.organization” and so on.

Faster than Normal Charging

A great little iPhone tip is to place your phone into flight mode whilst charging to drastically lessen the charging time of your gadget. To do this, in the event that you are not aware, swipe on your home screen to open the control focus. Then locate and activate the airplane symbol.