Ultimate React Calendar for Your React App

React Calendars is a simple-to-use calendar module for the React programming language. You may control and manage date and time with the assistance of this application’s features. End-users may select a day, a month, or even an entire year with the react calendar components.

You’ll want to handle and change dates in your web application on a regular basis. Adding events and setting reminders are examples of such actions. Including a calendar in your online application is one method of accomplishing this.


React Calendars is a working project that is always being improved. This documentation is developed for the React-Calendar 3.x branch of the React Calendars library. If you’d like to access documentation for different versions of React-Calendars, you may use the dropdown menu at the top of the GitHub page to select the correct tag.


  • Choose from a range of days, months, years, or even decades.
  • Supports the selection of a range
  • It is capable of supporting practically any language.
  • No moment.
  • JavaScript is required


We went over how to integrate the react calendar package into our react app, customize it, set a date range, and add a booking feature. You can now use this knowledge to build a more dynamic and powerful calendar in react.