15 Top Internet Speed Test Apps

To get started with this application, tap the 1st option. When you do in that capacity, the app will select a server closest to your location. Then, it will transfer and get a little bit of data to estimate the connection transfer and download speed.To see the past test results, navigate to the result section of the Ookla app. The results section demonstrates the connection type, time at which you ran the test, download/transfer speed and ping time. Here we have a collection of top Internet Speed Test Apps.

As far back as internet got into picture, its speed has been improving past expectation. You can still audit when the internet speed of up to 2Mb consistently earlier used to be categorized as a high-speed line. Since you’ve got 4G and 5G, even the portable internet works effectively to empower you to stream. With faster speed, you’ve got speed test apps to determine whether you’re prepared in a locale or not.

Presently, there are a few internet speed meter applications for Android and iPhone that you can download. In any case, you will be unfit to get an authentic report from all of such apps. To assist you with, we’re going to talk about the Top internet speed test apps that you can get. The client can download or export the test results to a comma separated qualities record. The app incorporates an option to clear the saved information.

The Ookla app doesn’t empower clients to share test results on Facebook, Google Plus, and other websites. Henceforth, you’ll have to physically take a screenshot and offer it with your companions to make them aware of your internet connection speed. The settings leading body of the Ookla app demonstrates the internal and external IP address (as given by the ISP). This interface empowers you to structure the Speedtest app to demonstrate the connection speed in Mbps or KB/s format.

SpeedSmart Speed Test

15 Top Internet Speed Test Apps for iPhone

SpeedSmart is a great little app that offers a convenient HTML5 option for you to test your Internet speed. It doesn’t, therefore rely upon Flash.


Speed Check and WiFi Finder

Speed Check is a great option for your PDA whilst out and about. Brought to you from SpeedSpot, this affectionately structured application will give every one of you the fundamental information you truly need. It’ll demonstrate to you your transfer and download speeds, clearly, but in like manner let you save it for later reference.


Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is a great tool for finding your Internet speed, and it’s anything but difficult to utilize. Once on the site, a jump up will ask with respect to whether you’d like to begin. It takes others but it makes five different tests and it’s sans promotion.


Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test is a great little tool to empower you to check your Internet speed. A program transfer speeds. But an outflow of caution: A product conveyed by the Internet specialist community Comcast.



Controlled and stacks quickly and starts investigating your Internet speed before you know it.


Verizon Speed Test

Verizon Speed Test is another extremely essential, yet effective Internet speed test site. You won’t be bothered by advertisements and you’ll just need to hit the play button to get the data you need.


Network Analyzer App

 It will similarly filter VPNs, Wake-on-LAN for corporate use and a lot more.


Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is one of the more prevalent Internet speed tests on the net. This app is available as both an app for your smart gadget and your desktop. Just snap the “Go!” button and you’re off.



Clearly, ghe typical transfer ask you other information, like your connection type, to give you strong and actionable information when it’s complete.


Cox Internet Speed Test

Cox Internet Speed Test is not just for Cox clients, as you might expect. This speed checker comes with the typical stuff like transfer and download speeds but it can be slower than others on this list. The speed test page is additionally a little content-rich that some might find off-putting.



SpeedOf.Me is another online Internet speed checker that gets free of Flash and works with HTML5. Despite this isn’t the best looking of sites.


AT and T High Speed Internet Speed Test

AT and T offer their own unique Internet speed test.  T’s app over-loads the client by  typical speedometer tool. You should note that this one relies upon DSLReports for a lot of its content.


Bandwidth Place -15 Top Internet Speed Test Apps for iPhone

Bandwidth Place is a well-structured and easy to-utilize Internet speed test website. It offers a stunning uncluttered page that has been around for around 15 years now. Despite this, it compensates for its mediocre esthetics with a glut of significant information on your Internet connection.



TestMy.net is a straightforward, yet effective, Internet speed test site. You can independently test transfer and download speeds and benchmark them to your city’s typical. Getting started is exceptionally straightforward and it gives an advancement bar to the test, which is constantly appreciated.


Speak Easy

Which? is a UK based Internet speed test site that, like others on the list, gives independent scrutiny of your Internet speed. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and gives you plenty of important information to comprehend it.