Sketch Alternatives for Windows

Sketch is a cutting-edge graphics design application for macOS that caught the globe by storm upon its 2010 debut. It has become the de facto standard for online, mobile, UI / UX, and icon design. The programme is generally adored and has very few direct rivals, but the creators are not contemplating porting it to Windows or Linux owing to the technology it relies on that are only available on macOS. While many graphic artists use Macs, many do not, and therefore Sketch’s Mac-only status becomes an issue. Therefore, whether you are a Windows or Linux user, here are the top ten sketch alternatives for windows in 2021.


Figma is one of the finest Sketch alternatives for Windows, bringing a rich and effective user interface/user experience design tool. The programme is browser-based, which has a number of benefits and drawbacks. The benefit of being a browser-based application is that it is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Additionally, you will not be required to download any software, patch it, or update it, since everything will take place in the background. On the other hand, using its online app would require a continual internet connection. Recently, the firm introduced native apps for Windows and macOS, however there is still no Linux app.

Figma’s UI is extremely similar to Sketch, so you’ll feel right at home. Figma is a feature-rich prototyping tool that enables you to quickly build attractive prototypes and share them with your customer with a single click.

Its pen tool is extremely strong and makes extensive use of vector networks. Additionally, it allows interactive editing at 60 frames per second with pixel-perfect previews and export. Additionally, Figma automatically syncs all your work to the cloud with version history, so you never have to bother about storing or uploading your creations.

Figma is also an excellent tool for collaboration. There is a shared team library where all assets are shared across team members, ensuring that they always have access to the same assets. Having stated that, this function is only available to professional users. Figma has garnered widespread accolades from designers, and you should certainly check it out.



Lunacy is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that includes everything you need. Just like Sketch is a macOS-exclusive application, Lunacy is a Windows-exclusive application that operates on the same idea. Excellent design and tools equate to excellent results. It’s a completely free graphic design programme that is devoid of bloatware, advertisements, or spam, which is fantastic. It is one of the best sketch alternatives for windows to use.

Additionally, Lunacy includes pre-built materials like as icons, pictures, vector drawings, and more. Not to mention, Lunacy is completely compatible with.sketch files and can even open and process older.sketch files without difficulty. You see the concept of cross-compatibility?

However, this is not all. Lunacy is highly performative and resource-constrained. In compared to Sketch, it is two times quicker and consumes significantly less memory. Another significant feature of Lunacy is that, like Sketch, it completely utilises GPU acceleration and lets you to export code with a single click. To summarise, Lunacy is the finest Sketch replacement available for Windows PCs.


InVision Studio

InVision Studio is another highly regard graphic design application that has garnered widespread recognition from the design world. It is being consider as a possible replacement for Sketch because to its robust layout engine, which is claim to be the finest in the market.

InVision Studio is accessible for macOS and Windows, and it is compatible with.sketch files, so you won’t lose any of your existing components or materials. Apart from that, the programme makes a genuine effort to transform your concepts into strong designs.

You receive an endless canvas and a slew of vector-based tools for creating gorgeous icons, poster cards, and graphic designs, among other things. What I appreciate about InVision Studio is how easy it can be customise and scaled while being extremely responsive. Lunacy is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that includes everything you need.

Essentially, the designing experience is superior, exactly as it is when working with Sketch on macOS. Add to that the fact that using InVision Studio and prototyping your design is absolutely free. I’d suggest that if Figma and Lunacy aren’t cutting it for you, InVision Studio will undoubtedly take you home.


Adobe Illustrator XD

Adobe is a creative industry behemoth that appears to have a tool for every creative requirement, including video editing, audio editing, and photo editing. As with all of Adobe’s other popular creation tools, Adobe XD is a strong tool that can easily be use in place of the Sketch app on Windows.

The software has robust UI and UX design tools that may assist you in moving from wireframing to prototyping. Adobe XD also features a familiar user interface, and if you’ve used Sketch or any similar software in the past, you’ll find Adobe XD fairly familiar.

Adobe CD has a slew of features, such as quick and adaptable artboards, a contemporary and contextual layers panel, compatibility for Illustrator and Photoshop files, interactive transitions, drag and drop capabilities, and zero lag time while working with the canvas. One of the most significant advantages of Adobe XD is that it includes mobile apps for previewing files on your smartphone.

This means you can preview how your ideas will appear on a smartphone without having to code them. Other Adobe XD capabilities include voice prototyping, responsive scaling, and auto-animation.



Vectr is a free graphics design application that enables users to simply and intuitively create images. The programme does not have a steep learning curve, and anyone, including beginners, can quickly get up and running with it.

Vectr also includes written and video lessons, which are an excellent place to start if you’re new to design. As with Figma, Vectr may be used online in a browser or via its native applications for Linux and Windows platforms.

Apart from the standard UI/UX design aspects that such a programme should include, Vectr has a slew of additional fascinating features. My personal favourite feature is the real-time collaboration connection. The functionality enables you to share a link to a project you’re working on to other Vectr users, allowing you to collaborate in real time on the same project.

Additionally, everything of your work is automatically uploaded and stored to the cloud, so you’re not concerned with any of that. While Vectr is not as strong as some of the other tools on our list, it is an excellent choice if you are searching for an easy-to-use alternative to Sketch that can assist you in getting started. It is one of the best sketch alternatives for windows to use.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is without a doubt the world’s most well-known and feature-rich vector graphics editor. Illustrator enables you to create anything from logos and icons to mobile and web design, drawing, print design, and typography. As with the majority of other Adobe products, there is a huge community of guides, tutorials, and resources, both free and paid.

The perspective drawing tools, shaper tool, live shapes, dynamic symbols, smart guides, numerous artboards, gradient transparency, and live gradient editing are just a few of the features.

Additionally, when you use Illustrator as part of the Creative Cloud, you gain access to additional features such as cloud syncing, which enables you to access your designs from any location, companion apps for Android and iOS, and access to Adobe’s collection of millions of royalty-free images, graphics, and videos.

While Illustrator is an excellent tool for creating digital illustrations (thus the name) and general-purpose vector design. It lacks a methodology for product and interface / user experience design. While it is definitely feasible, it falls short of Sketch’s flexibility in this regard.


Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer has matured significantly over the last several years and has become into the greatest free and open source Sketch replacement for Windows and Linux users. To begin, the app is now available not just on the web but also as native apps for all three major desktop platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

This is a significant change since users no longer have to rely on browsers to do tasks; instead, they can utilize native applications, which feel much more natural and are often faster than online apps. Discussing the characteristics Not only does Gravit offer tools for screen design, user interface design, vector graphics, and logo design. It also enables users to generate high-quality icons, presentations, and drawings.

It includes preset canvas sizes, over 29,000 icons, over 1,000 stock images, a curated collection of Google web fonts, and a community marketplace for purchasing materials for your projects.

Additionally, you no longer require a continual internet connection to utilise this programme because it now works offline and the changes you make are instantly synchronised when you reconnect to the internet. Additionally, the new app features a clean user interface that adapts to your preferences. In general, Gravit is an outstanding software that outperforms the majority of premium alternatives. It is without a doubt one of the greatest Sketch replacements available on the market right now.



Inkscape is a legendary open-source vector graphics editor. While it lacks the feature set and capability of Sketch, it compensates for these deficiencies by being cross-platform and relatively lightweight. It supports the most file types, including Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Visio, and Sketch (using an extension).

Inkscape has a variety of sophisticated tools for illustration, web design, and basic vector image manipulation, including a pencil tool for freehand drawing, a pen tool for generating Bézier curves and straight lines, and a text tool. Due to the fact that it is free and cross-platform, it is an excellent tool for students, individuals with older machines, and those new to vector graphic design.


Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro is one of the most comprehensive graphics design tools available. Apart from basic vector design capability, it includes tools for illustration, web design, and picture editing. Live Effects, non-destructive picture manipulation, vector masking, layer mixing, website building capabilities, and support for PDF and PSD file formats are just a few of the sophisticated features.

In comparison to Sketch’s emphasis on UI/UX design, Xara is a more general-purpose graphic design programme, with something for virtually everyone. Additionally, it is far more suited to web design. If all you want is simple raster and vector image manipulation, Xara is both overkill and too expensive. Fortunately, you may purchase individually the Graphic Design and Web Design components. It is one of the best sketch alternatives for windows to use.



We discussed about some of best sketch alternatives for windows in this post. When it comes to user interface design platforms, Sketch is unmatched. It is extremely sought for industry experts due to its sophisticated vector editing, prototyping, and collaborative features. However, its incompatibility with Microsoft’s Windows operating system is inconvenient for people who are not Apple aficionados.